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!!! Gregorian Calendar
The Gregorian calendar is a calendar used in many parts of the world, and consequently is familiar to most potential users of tZaman. This implementation supports only anno domini dates, that is A.D. or C.E. dates. We have implemented several granularities in the calendar . Further details can be found in the XML specification for the calendar and the java code.

[[ | ADGregorianCalendar.xml ]] \\
[[ | ]]

!!! The University of Arizona Academic Calendar
This calendar spans only a four year period from August 21, 2000 to August 11, 2004. An Academic calendar limits to a 14-hour academic day, and introduces 15-week .

[[ | UofACalendar.xml ]] \\
[[ | ]]

!!! The University of Arizona (Limited) Calendric System
This is a calendric system that starts on January 1, 0001. From January 1, 0001 to August 20, 2000, the Gregorian Calendar is used. From August 21, 2000 to August 11, 2004 the U of A Academic Calendar is used. For dates after August 11, 2004, the Gregorian Calendar is again used. This is a limited calendric system because the U of A Academic Calendar does not take into account holidays or other non-class days and only spans 4 years (and, of course, the U of A has been open for longer than that).

[[ | UofALimitedCalendricSystem.xml ]] \\
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