The University of Arizona
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Michelle Mills Strout


Current Graduate Students

Mahdi Soltan Mohammadi

Ian Bertolacci

Wei He

Brandon Neth

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants

Hunter McNenny

Matthew Romero

Athan Walker

Seamus Goldman

Previous Students

Ben Gaska (M.S. Spring 2017, working at Google)

Wendy Wang, Spring 2016 undergraduate research assistant (Summer 2016 internship at Argonne National Laboratory)

Christopher Krieger (Ph.D. in 2013. Working at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the University of Maryland.)

Andrew Stone (Ph.D. in 2013. Working at Mathworks.)

Chris Wilcox, co-advised with Jim Bieman (Ph.D. in 2012. In 2015 a lecturer at Colorado State University and winning teaching awards!)

Mark Heim (undergraduate research assistant at CSU)

Brendan Sheridan (2011 undergraduate research assistant, became a graduate student at Georgetown)

Stephanie Dinkins (Masters Spring 2012, now works with Northrop Grumman)

Amanreet Bajwa (Summer DREU student 2011)

Shinjini Kar (Summer DREU student 2010)

Samantha Wood (Summer DREU student 2010 and summer research student 2011)

Ryan Moore (undergraduate honors thesis, graduated in Fall 2010)

Jonathon Roelofs (Undergraduate research assistant, tiling visualizer, graduated with BS in Spring 2011)

Christie Williams (Undergraduate honors thesis student and summer research student, graduated with MCS in Spring 2011)

Alan LaMielle (Graduated with a Masters in Spring 2010)

Ryan Vail (Undergraduate research assistant, graduated Spring 2010)

Kate Ericson (Undergraduate summer research student 2008)

Jeshua Bratman (Undergraduate research assistant at CSU, graduated May 2009 with BS)

Nissa Osheim and Dave Rostron, developed the idea of smashing semi-regular grids to create uniform data dependencies .

Kiley Graim (Undergraduate Research Assistant, graduated May 2008 with BS)

Jessa Rothenberg, CRAW DMP student Summer 2007