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Building tXSchema

This page contains an overview on how to build and install the system.

To build tXSchema from the source, there are three steps involved:

Obtain the necessary third-party libraries.

  • Apache's Xalan version 2.7.1 (xalan-j.jar). See the Xalan webpage to download and for more details.
  • Apache's Xerces version 2.9.0 (xerces-j.jar, xml-apis.jar). See the Xerces webpage to download and for more details.
  • Apache's Jakarta's BCEL version 5.2 (bcel-5.2.jar). See the Jakarta Project webpage to download and for more details.
  • The JUnit testing framework version 4.8.2 (junit.jar). See the JUnit webpage to download and for more details.

Important! After downloading these packages, make sure the fully qualified path for each of the .jar files listed above is present in your CLASSPATH environment variable.

Obtain Apache's 'Ant' build tool.

If ant is not already present on your system, browse to to obtain and install ant. This project was developed using ant version 1.6.5 (built September 2006).

Run ant in the top level directory.

In the top level directory of this package, you will find a file named build.xml. The ant tool is expecting a file with this name; to begin the build process, simply type:

$ ant

This command will create directories build and dist; it should compile without any errors (but maybe a few warnings!). This process will create a new jar file (TXSchema.jar) located in the dist directory. Include this jar file in your CLASSPATH environment variable.

To run the JUnit tests of the temporal validator (a.k.a. txmllint), simply type:

$ ant unitttest

Note that the unittests are dependent on the results produced by the squash tool, it is highly recommended that the user follow the Tutorials first to run the squash tool on all four test cases and the perform the unittests.

At this point, you have built tXSchema and are ready to install.

Installing tXSchema

Assume the path name of the source code is

$ /home/johndoe/tXSchema

To run the system, please set the TXSCHEMA_HOME environment variable first

$ export TXSCHEMA_HOME=/home/johndoe/tXSchema

The executable scripts (namely squash, unsquash and txmllint) which invoke the TXSchema.jar package are located at

$ /home/johndoe/tXSchema/executable


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Page last modified on June 15, 2010, at 07:59 PM