Tiling Visualizer

Tiling Visualizer is a tool written in Java which helps to visualize rectangular tilings of 2-dimensional loops bounded by polyhedra.

Previously, visualizations of loop tilings were static things drawn by hand, and every time an adjustment was needed, the image needed to be redrawn laboriously. With this tool almost all of the process is now automated. Potentially, one could add the Tiling Visualizer command line utility to their make scripts for building papers, and have the script automatically generate an embedded pdf on the fly. It is interesting to think that the output could be animated with a fairly simple shell script. Such an addition would turn this utility into a very powerful tool for teaching.

Parameterized Loop Tiling, journal paper.
Parameterized Tiled Loops for Free (pdf), conference paper.
University Tiling Group

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Here is an example of the output of the command line utility:

Tiling Visualiser supports exporting output to the following formats: svg and embedded pdf as well as jpeg, tiff, and png.

There is also a graphical user interface built using swing. This gui extends the functionality of the TilingVisualizer class to allow dynamic adjustment of the input parameters, as well as the style of the output (which is not yet been made accessible in the command line utility).

Download (src,bin)

Tiling Visualizer is released under a BSD style license. It makes use of Apache's Batik which is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. See the tvis/LICENSE and tvis/dist/LICENSE.batik files for more details.

Copyright © Jon Roelofs, November 2008